City of Santa Fe Funds Solar Start-up

November 2008—The City of Santa Fe is taking advantage of its long history in the solar industry by helping to launch a local, renewable energy company.  SolarLogic, LLC, a new, solar hydronic technology and manufacturing company founded in Santa Fe in 2008, is leading the way in the creation of seamless, easy-to-install solar heating systems.  As an investment in job creation and the local green economy, the City of Santa Fe’s Economic Development Division has awarded SolarLogic a grant of $30,000.

SolarLogic’s mission is to increase and speed the adoption of residential and commercial solar hydronic heating systems worldwide by manufacturing and selling a family of products that will spur the development of a large, new generation of system installers.  The Company is developing and will manufacture and distribute two, flagship products: the SolarLogic Integrated Controller (SLIC) and SolarLogic Assisted Solar Heating Design (SLASH-D).  Utilizing the SLASH-D web-delivered design service and the SLIC controller, an individual with an existing heating and/or plumbing business but no previous specific training in solar hydronic heating, will be able to specify, quote and install a custom, solar hydronic system.

SolarLogic was founded by the principals of Cedar Mountain Solar, one of Santa Fe’s leading solar heating design and installation firms, along with a third individual from Santa Fe County.  Along with significant new innovation, SolarLogic is successfully commercializing design concepts developed from the extensive knowledge and years of experience gained here in Santa Fe by the professionals at Cedar Mountain Solar.

“SolarLogic’s innovative business model and deep roots in the community make this a good investment for the City’s economic development fund,”  said Fabian Trujillo, director of Economic Development for the City.  As of June 2009, SolarLogic is employing 5 people full- or part-time and the company is projected to grow to 18 employees within five years.

The grant is funding new infrastructure and equipment for the Company.  “This funding from the City is helping to develop important solar thermal technology and simultaneously positioning  SolarLogic and New Mexico for rapid  growth in the emerging green economy,” said Boaz Soifer, Chief Executive Officer of SolarLogic.

The City of Santa Fe’s Economic Development Division works to improve the quality of life in Santa Fe and smoothes the path to success for both individuals and organizations.   Businesses can contact Santa Fe Economic Development for assistance with financing, expanding, and relocating, or other technical assistance.