SLIC – SolarLogic Integrated Controller

The SLIC is by far the most advanced and easiest-to-use solar heating system control.


  • INTEGRATED: Replaces all conventional controls and control wiring, including switching relays for pumps, zone valve controls, transformers, and of course set-point and differential controls
  • DIVERSE: Can operate up to 10 heating zones, 3 collector banks, DHW, storage, boiler, ice-melt, pool, and spa – with no programming needed, but all with adjustable parameters
  • EFFICIENT: Can operate any heating zone or an entire building in Solar-only mode for optimal energy savings or in Auxiliary mode to prioritize comfort, or use solar and backup heat to surround a ‘comfort target’.
  • AVAILABLE: Can be operated from any computer, anywhere in the world (great for service technicians and vacationers)
  • ALERT: Logs data continuously for over 250 system measurements for performance analysis, and can send error messages via email or SMS if performance deviates from an expected range
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Includes diagnostic mode, enabling every system component to be turned on or off remotely for troubleshooting and commissioning
  • INTELLIGENT: Measures every useful system temperature, pump current draw, glycol pH (optional), pump flow (optional), and dozens of other system qualities that promote system uptime and long life and reduce service and maintenance costs
  • RELIABLE: Built to the highest standards, comes with multi-year warranty
SLIC Dashboard

SLIC Controller Dashboard (click to enlarge)

SLIC-Diagnostic Screen (click to enlarge)


  • Solar and backup space heating with 2-stage control for highest efficiency
  • Solar and backup domestic hot water
  • Solar heat storage in tanks or in floors
  • Solar and backup pool and spa heating
  • Solar and backup ice-melt
  • Night-sky radiant cooling for zones, DHW and heat storage tank
  • Waste heat recovery from system piping
  • Setback control for thermostats
  • Dozens of temperature points
  • Status of all valves and pumps
  • Electrical power consumed by valves and pumps
  • Fluid pressures
  • Glycol pH
  • Primary loop flow
  • Net solar energy delivered
  • Net BTU’s of cooling delivered
  • BTU’s lost through DHW recirculation

SLIC Documentation