SLASH-D (SolarLogic Assisted Solar Heating Design)

The SolarLogic SLASH-D design assistance website will identify and size your solar components and design the system plumbing configuration in a matter of minutes. And when you are done designing and are ready to go ahead with the project, the SLASH-D will create the companion computer file used by the SolarLogic SLIC system controller, so the SLIC delivered to the job will already know your system configuration and automatically operate the system with no programming.

The SLASH-D is FREE! CLICK HERE to try it now or read on to learn more (recommended). This is an article on the SLASH-D written by Bristol Stickney that appeared in the May 2013 Plumbing Engineer magazine and the May 2013 Plumbing and Hydronics Contractor magazine. Here’s the Quick Start Instructions to help you get started.

With just a handful of inputs about the building and your system preferences, in real-time, the SLASH-D will:

Analyze and compare the available solar resource to the amount of heat needed based on estimated building efficiency (or actual energy loss calculations) and actual weather data for the building location

Model the solar resource available at different collector tilts and orientations and recommend the best array size and tilt

Provide estimates of the annual energy needs and solar savings


Produce a schematic for the complete piping system and detailed diagrams for each subsystem








Generate a detailed parts list for the installer and help you explore the cost-benefit of system variants like the added fuel savings as a function of number of collectors







Now you have a taste of what the SLASH-D website can do for you, but you have to use it to experience how easy it really is.  AND IT’S FREE!  Just CLICK HERE and you can get your own SLASH-D account and start designing solar combi-systems today.  And here’s Quick Start Instructions to help you get started.