Our Mission

SolarLogic’s Mission is to change and grow the solar thermal and renewable energy hydronic heating industry so that it becomes mainstream.

SolarLogic is a leading technology company in the thermal energy management business. Whether for financial savings, a lower carbon footprint, reduced use of finite resources (fossil fuels), social responsibility or because of restricted local availability of fuels, SolarLogic’s clients are leading the way with smart technology buildings that make the best use of all types of renewable, non-renewable and waste heat resources.

At SolarLogic, we develop, manufacture and sell a family of hydronic heating system products that feature an unprecedented ease of use, system design standardization and capability, and which can be installed by heating contractors who do not need to be expert in renewable energy heating or controls programming. The platform approach and technology embodied in SolarLogic products is applicable not only for solar thermal systems, but for hydronic heating systems with one or multiple heat sources (conventional boiler, ground source heat pump, solar thermal, wood/biomass boiler, fireplace/woodstove, waste heat, etc.) and multiple heat loads (hot water, space heating, pool, spa, ice melt, process heat, etc.).

The key concept that SolarLogic brings to the industry is standardization. No longer is every multi-source multi-load heating system a custom, “one-off” design that requires complex wiring, programming of multiple controllers and a thick wallet. SolarLogic’s combination of standard design (based on the primary or dual primary loop) plus a SLIC integrated controller (which requires no wiring diagram and no programming) opens up a world of possibilities to building owners, installers and the industry as a whole. Reliability, online monitoring, verified performance and increased efficiency of up to 25% are just the beginning.